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May Fishing Madness: Your Guide to Kodiak Island's Best Catches!

Get ready for an exciting fishing adventure in Kodiak Island Area this May! Harbor Adventure Lodge is offering fantastic saltwater fishing opportunities that you surely don't want to miss. Halibut fishing is expected to improve as the month progresses, and you can target these fish in Chiniak Bay, Marmot Bay, and Ugak Bay. The average weight for sport fishing is 30-38 pounds, and 10% of the fish can exceed 80 pounds!

Don't forget to catch some rockfish as well. The daily bag limit is 5 per day, and you can keep up to 10 fish in possession, with only 2 non-pelagic species and 1 yellow-eye. Yellow-eyes, known for their bright colors, can weigh up to 9 pounds and are often caught in deep water. To help minimize mortality, anglers are encouraged to fish for black or dusky rockfish in waters less than 10 fathoms or use a deep water release mechanism.

Lingcod fishing may not be open until July, but sharks can be caught with a daily bag limit of one fish of any species (except spiny dogfish) and an annual limit of two sharks. Spiny dogfish, which are edible, have a bag limit of 5 per day, 5 in possession, and no annual limit. The Division of Sport Fish also collects data on halibut, rockfish, lingcod, and sharks in the recreational marine waters fishery in the Kodiak area starting late May. By agreeing to be interviewed and waiting to fillet or cut up harvested fish, you can help the program monitor the health of the fishery.

If you're into saltwater trolling, Kodiak king salmon are also available in May. They can be found in salt waters year-round, with excellent fishing success during May. Cape Chiniak and Buoy 4 are the best-known fishing spots along the road system, and you'll need a king salmon stamp along with your sport fishing license.

For those who want to fish in fresh waters, Monashka Creek and the Buskin River offer exciting opportunities to catch king salmon, dolly varden, and rainbow trout. You can catch king salmon along the ocean beaches and in the lower reaches of the creek, with daily bag and possession limits of 2 fish for king salmon harvested in fresh waters and 10 fish for king salmon less than 20 inches. Dolly Varden are also abundant in May, with schools found in many rivers and creeks feeding on out-migrating pink salmon fry. Rainbow trout fishing is catch and release only in road system lakes that are not currently stocked by ADF&G. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy fishing in Kodiak Island Area this May!

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