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Alaska Saltwater King Salmon Fishing Tackle Box

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

When it comes to Alaska salmon fishing, having the right tacklebox contents can make all the difference. The allure of hooking the majestic king salmon requires the perfect tools that mimic their prey and entice them to bite. Let's explore the essential items that should find a place in your saltwater fishing tacklebox, ensuring you're equipped for a successful adventure on Alaskan waters.

Secret Fishing Tackle Box of Local Alaskans
King Salmon Fishing Tackle Box

Tackle Box Essentials:

  1. Spinners: These lures, with their metal blades and enticing vibrations, are designed to catch a salmon's attention and trigger their predatory instincts. Make sure to have a selection of spinners in various colors and sizes to cater to different fishing conditions.

  2. Silver Spoons: Mimicking smaller fish, concave and reflective silver spoons are highly effective lures for enticing salmon, especially species like coho or chinook. Their elongated spoon-like shape, combined with their metallic shine, make them irresistible to these mighty fish.

  3. Solid Plugs: Solid plugs with decorated hooks are another go-to choice for fooling salmon into biting. Look for plugs that imitate the appearance and movement of natural prey. Wobbling plugs, featuring a hinge that creates a fish-like motion, can be particularly successful in enticing strikes from curious salmon.

  4. Kwikfish and Luhr Jensen Jet Diver Combo: When targeting king salmon in the fast and deep currents of some of our rivers, the combination of Kwikfish lures and Luhr Jensen jet divers is a tried-and-true setup. The jet diver, held upriver against the current, dives deep and true, allowing the Kwikfish to effectively navigate challenging river conditions.

Saltwater Fishing Tacklebox Contents:

  • Gibbs / Delta Flashers: Include a variety of flashers in colors like red/green, green/silver, and blue. These attractors create enticing vibrations and flash in the water, grabbing the attention of nearby salmon.

  • Hotspot Flasher: Stock up on different colors like chartreuse, white glow, white silver mylar, green mirror, strawberry, red racer, and white glow jelly u/v. These flashers are known to entice strikes from salmon in varying conditions.

  • Silver Horde Octopus Trolling Squid: Pack a range of colors such as pink, purple, green, blue u/v, chartreuse u/v, and black green glow. These squid imitations are irresistible to salmon and can be used with flashers or on their own.

  • Silver Horde Twinkle Skirt: Ensure you have a few packages of these attractive skirts that add an enticing fluttering action to your presentation.

  • Ace High Fly Trolling Skirts: Carry a dozen assorted colors of these versatile trolling skirts that imitate baitfish and can be used with flashers or on downriggers.

  • Hooks: Stock up on Owner Gorilla bait hooks (4/0, 5/0) and Gamakatsu Octopus hooks (4/0, 5/0) for various bait presentations and rigging techniques.

  • Weights, Sinkers, and Swivels: Include a selection of removable split shots, rubber core sinkers, banana weights with bead chain, and Sampo ball-bearing coastlock swivels to ensure your rigs are properly balanced and effectively presented.

  • Leader Material: Carry a spool of 30 lb leader material for constructing strong and reliable leaders.

  • Pink Lady Diver: Have a couple of these divers on hand to add depth to your trolling setup, allowing you to target salmon at different water levels.

  • Luhr Jensen Tee Spoon, Krocodile Spoon, and J-Plug: These versatile spoons and plugs in assorted colors, sizes, and patterns offer a variety of enticing presentations to fool salmon into striking.

  • Silver Horde Kingfisher Spoon: Don't forget a selection of these spoons in assorted colors, which have a proven track record of enticing king salmon strikes.

Equipping your tacklebox with the right tools is essential for a successful Alaska salmon fishing trip. Spinners, silver spoons, solid plugs, and the combination of Kwikfish and Luhr Jensen jet divers are all valuable assets in your pursuit of the mighty king salmon. Additionally, make sure your saltwater tacklebox is filled with an array of flashers, trolling squids, hooks, sinkers, and spoons to maximize your chances of landing that prized salmon. With the right gear in hand, you'll be well-prepared to reel in unforgettable memories and the fish of a lifetime in the pristine Alaskan waters.

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