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Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of hunting and fishing opportunities are available at your lodge?


At our lodge, we offer a wide range of hunting and fishing opportunities. You can enjoy hunting trips for various game species, such as sitka blacktail deer, or bear, depending on the season and regulations here.We also provide exceptional fishing experiences for salmon, halibut, cod, and other fish species found in the surrounding waters. Our experienced Captains will ensure you have a memorable outdoor adventure.

What accommodations and amenities are available at your lodge?


Our lodge offers comfortable accommodations, including two person single bed rooms with classical 90's vintage amenities. Each room is equipped with dressers, closets, heating, and comfortable bedding. We also have common areas where you can relax and socialize with fellow guests. Additionally, our lodge provides hot showers,  delicious meals prepared with local ingredients, experienced captains to transport you to and from fishing and hunting grounds, and packaging of your catch, ensuring you have a satisfying experience during your stay.

What equipment and gear do I need to bring for hunting and fishing activities?

For hunting, you will need to bring your personal firearms or archery equipment, along with appropriate clothing, boots, and hunting accessories. We recommend dressing in layers to accommodate changing weather conditions. When it comes to fishing you are welcome to bring your own gear. For additional item suggestions on what to bring click here.

How remote is your lodge, and how do I reach it?


Our lodge is located in a remote village in Alaska, offering a true wilderness experience that is also not completely disconnected from the outside world. You will still have access to wifi and depending on your carrier spotty cell service.  The best way to reach us is by booking a commercial flight to Kodiak Island, followed by  (overnight in Kodiak at an airbnb or hotel may be required), either one of two flights from Island Air to Old Harbor or charter flight to our lodge.  There is a small airport in Old Harbor and we will pick you up when you arrive to bring you to the lodge.

Are hunting and fishing licenses included in the package, or do I need to obtain them separately?


Hunting and fishing licenses are not included in our packages and must be obtained separately. To purchase them online go to: to sign in and go through the prompts to obtain your licenses. We recommend checking the regulations of the specific hunting and fishing activities you wish to pursue, the links can be found on our "about us" page at harbor adventure, as they may vary depending on the species and location.  Alternately you may stop at ADF&G, WalMart, or Big Ray's in Kodiak to Obtain them.

What is your lodge's cancellation policy?


Our lodge has a cancellation policy in place, which varies depending on the timing of the cancellation and the type of package booked. Click here to contact us.

What is the best time of year to visit for hunting and fishing?


The ideal time to visit for hunting and fishing can vary depending on the specific species and your preferences. Generally, the prime hunting season for game species such as deer, and bear is during the fall. Fishing opportunities can be excellent during the summer months, particularly for salmon and trout. refer to the links on our about us page for official "seasons".

Can you accommodate special dietary requirements or allergies?


Absolutely! We understand the importance of catering to allergies. Please inform our customer support team in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate your specific dietary needs. Our lodge's kitchen staff will work with you to provide suitable meal options that meet your requirements.  If it is more of a diet you may want to bring your own provisions to substitute foods you may prefer not to eat.

What is the policy for processing and shipping fish and game after the hunt?


We offer processing and packaging services for fish and game harvested during your stay. Our staff will properly handle, clean, and package your catch to meet transportation and regulatory requirements. We can also arrange for shipping to your desired location. Additional charges will apply for shipping services, and our customer support team can provide further details and pricing information.

Are there any additional activities or attractions near the lodge?


While our lodge primarily focuses on hunting and fishing experiences, there may be additional activities or attractions available in the surrounding area. These can include wildlife viewing, hiking trails, and photography opportunities.

If I opt to stay in Kodiak overnight what can I do there?

Click here for a list of activities, attractions, restaurants, and local businesses to visit during your stopover in Kodiak.

Do you have information I can print out for your lodge?

For a copy of our latest brochure click here, and for a full client packet click here

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